Kindergarten Registration Feb 1-28, 2022

Online Registration for September Kindergarten and for new students in Grades 1-7 begins on February 1, 2022.

Priority placement is given to those who apply by the deadline of February 28 2022. 

Kindergarten registrations for the 2022-23 school year are for children born in the year 2017.Students register at their English Catchment School not their French Catchment School.  The school locator will determine the school you need to register at.

Please ensure you have registered at your English Catchment School before applying for French Immersion.  To apply for French, click here.

For more information regarding our French Program, click here.

Cross District and Out-of-District

To complete a cross or out-of-district transfer application for the 2022/23 school year please click here

With your application, you will need to submit:

  • Birth Certificate or Proof of birth date for the student
  • Proof of guardianship
  • Proof of citizenship for both the parent and child
  • Emergency contact information
  • Name and telephone number of the family doctor or medical clinic
  • Proof of residency showing the parent/guardian name.  This must include two items, at least one being from Category A below:

Category A: proof of ownership or long term rental of dwelling, legal documents indicating BC residence, Parent or guardian filing income tax returns as a BC resident

Category B: BC Hydro bill, BC Cable bill, Provincial driver’s license, Provincial registration of automobile or Canadian bank accounts or credit cards

Programs of Choice

The District offers dozens of options, including language programs. Students can explore their interests, support their strengths, or get exposed to a career through a variety of program choices. For most Programs of Choice, applications are received in February for priority placement for the following school year. Learn more.

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents Living in BC

To assist with physical distancing and limiting the spread of COVID-19, schools will not be accepting any in-person registrations at this time.  To find the school that your child is eligible to attend, click here. 

You must register with your English catchment school.  To complete an online preliminary registration please click here.