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Your Stuffy Could Be A Star!

Aubrey students and families, we need your help! Your stuffed animals could be stars of the show!

We are looking for the following props for our upcoming production of the Lion King:

  • A plush baby simba (about the size of a loaf of bread)
  • A plush “grub” for Timon and Pumba to eat (caterpillar or other crawly creature)
  • A plus mouse (about the size of computer mouse)

If you would like to submit your stuffy for possible selection, please drop it off at the office with your name and division attached so that we can return it to you after. Submissions will be accepted from Thursday January 31st to Tuesday February 5th

Not all stuffed animals that are dropped off will be used, but we appreciate your contribution to the show.

If yours is not chosen we will return it to you within a day or two. If yours is chosen, it will be used throughout rehearsals and for both performances.

The following images are just examples:









Image result for small bug stuffed animal


Image result for small rat stuffed animal