School News

Welcome to New School Year! We have our classes!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Students have now been assigned to their permanent classes for the year. Decisions for classroom placement are made collaboratively by our professional teaching staff. As explained in the newsletter last May, many criteria are considered including:

  • District & Ministry policy
  • Teacher contract guidelines
  • Teacher & School Based Team recommendations
  • Student(s) with special needs & E.A. support
  • Academic ability and performance
  • Developmental level-behavioural and emotional
  • Developmental level-dependence/independence
  • Learning styles
  • Social compatibility/friendships
  • Gender balance
  • Class-group dynamics
  • Number of years in a combined class
  • Number of years in a portable
  • Parental Input

With the current organization, we have 388 students in 9 English divisions and 8 French Divisions.  The majority of our divisions are combined classes.  Combined or “split” classes are not uncommon in most school districts, and studies show that children in combined classes do just as well as students in single grade classes.  In every classroom, regardless of whether or not it is a combined grade class, there is a wide range of abilities, talents and performance levels.  All of our teachers at Aubrey work hard to structure learning activities according to the need of each learner.

Some children find the transition to their new grade and class placement challenging, and we may need to spend time helping them adjust to the circumstances.  With home and school support, children adjust and settle happily into the new situation.

Here are some readings that you may find interesting about combined classes.

 Here, is article by Kelli Vogstad, a well recognized B.C. educator, called, “The Ugly Split.”

Here is a District Combined Class Information Memo.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s placement or the placement process, please feel free to call the school.  Thank you again for your patience this week and last.

Yours sincerely,

Shairoz Merani